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MVNO Karma launches LTE version of mobile hotspot

Karma’s mobile hotspot service has been already utilized by more than 100,000 people around the globe. Now, Karma targeted more customers for its mobile broadband services and want to become a main source of internet access.karma-go-lte-hotspot

 Stevan van Wel, CEO and co-founder of Karma reported in an interview,


“Karma no longer wants to be merely a mobile internet provider; it wants to be the primary internet connection for its consumer customers, and that means it will have to make the leap from being a mobile ISP to a residential ISP”. And he also added, “We want to focus on being your only source of internet connectivity,”

Karma, Virtual broadband provider, announced that they will soon make a jump from WiMAX to LTE, this new LTE will come with mobile hotspots.  CEO of Karma, Van Wel didn’t specify about the full planning schedules and new mobile hotspot system will definitely provide a more powerful connection at very low price.

In an email, van Wel mentioned,

We feel that wifi is something personal. Something we are all hungry for 24/7. To solve that Karma aims to become part of your daily ritual. Like your keys, wallet and phone. With wireless speeds getting faster and faster – and data should be cheaper – we see a future where wireless will replace fixed. Just like your mobile phone replaced the landline connection over a decade ago. It’s (almost) time to get rid of multiple subscriptions to get connected.

Karma let you to connect to any mobile hotspot around you, and it will help you to connect with internet, while you were away from your home.

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