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Consumer PC satisfaction poll shows Apple tops the list

Apple has once again emerged at the top of the American Customer Satisfaction Index list for personal computers, laptops and tablets. Apple holds the top position in the index for the eleventh consecutive year.4f752_1400_ef7355d4c24e69609697ac93d7ec3dad.jpg

Apple topped the index though there was a slight decrease in figures from 87 in 2013 to 84 this year. Companies like Samsung, Lenovo and Acer who manufacture tablets and PC are categorized under ‘All Others’ and have increased their score from 76 in 2013 to 82 in 2014. The upcoming companies in ‘All Others’ have gained consumer satisfaction with the release of a range of tablets, PC’s and laptops. Dell saw a drop from last year score of 79 t0 76 in 2014 while Hewlett-Packard saw a major drop from 80 in 2013 to 74 this year.


“Contrary to most predictions, the PC may be on the verge of making a bit of a comeback: sales of desktops are no longer falling after years of significant decline,” the report stated.

ACSI mentioned that Apple drop of 3 percent from 2013 was due the latest generation of iPads that were not improving “all that much from earlier versions” though the device has a high ratings and sales. The index also added that as early enthusiasm for tablet wears off there is a dip in customer satisfaction. Overall, there is a drop of 1.3 percent in customer satisfaction in the Personal computer category. The poll report is published by ACSI after surveying more than 70,000 consumers every year by collecting information on their usage of products and services.

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