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Facebook and its drones to provide internet access all across the globe

Facebook is probably the most different organization that one might come across. There is no doubt about the supremacy that Facebook holds when it comes to the social media. But the good thing is that Facebook does not limit itself to the social media only. We have already been listening to the rumors stating that Facebook plans to spread the reach of the Internet to all the unconnected parts of the world. They have also taken the initial steps with the launch of ‘Internet.org’ which allows users to surf internet for free in various parts of Africa.Facebook and its drones to provide internet access all across the globe

According to the reports, Facebook is looking way beyond that this. Facebook plans to allow access to the internet via the use of solar power or drones. The internet connection will be established as a beam of wireless internet. All of this will certainly state that Facebook has real intentions of allowing the whole world to use the internet. In a statement by Yael Maguire, engineer director of Facebook’s Connectivity Lab, has stated that they plan to use drones of the size of a Boeing 474 commercial airliner to provide internet access.


The statement was given at the Mashable’s Social Good Summit, where Yael talked about the various plans that Facebook has with respect to providing internet to all movement. In reality, Facebook thinks that flying such drone for longer periods of time will allow the users continued service. According to him, the unmanned planes might very well be required to fly for months as well as years and Facebook Inc. is looking forward to it.

In the interview, Yale Maguire gave no indications as to when Facebook plans to launch the drones, but the rumors suggest that the drones could well be tested in the United States by 2015.

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