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Amazon’s secret lab working hard on the ‘smart’ home project

Amazon Inc. is looking forward to bring a serious revolution in the way we live. With the technology getting smarter by the day, it becomes important for us to raise our living to those heights! According to the reports, Amazon Inc. will be making some serious increments in the number of staffs at the Silicon Valley-based hardware manufacturing unit. It has been reported that the company is increasing the number of staffs, because it plans to work more on the various ‘smart’ home gadgets which are being worked upon.Amazon and its secret lab working hard on the ‘smart’ home project

Amazon’s Lab126 division will be given the most importance and it is expected that the number of employees of Lab126 division will be increased to at least 3700 individuals by 2019.


Speaking of the monetary investment, Lab126 will also receive huge investments. Lab126 has developed Amazon’s Kindle and many more consumer products for the company. According to the rumors, Amazon will be investing approximately about $55 million in the various operations to be conducted in Lab126. Lab126 will also go through various different sorts of expansion with the probability that the majority of the tests for the ‘smart’ home gadgets will be conducted there.

The media have not had any direct statement from the company officials owing to confidentiality, but it is expected that Amazon will look to bring in a sense of connectivity in literally everything. The rumors have gone wild as people speculate that we could also possibly experience a dishwasher or a hand drier connected to the internet. The experts believe that such gadgets are not impossible, but may well take years to develop. In a recent statement made by Amazon Inc, they have stated that the operations in Lab126 are growing at a rapid pace. It will be interesting to see how Amazon goes through with its ‘smart’ home project.

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