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GM makes Cadillac a separate business, moved headquarters to New York

New York City is going to have a luxurious September as the luxury car brand Cadillac enters Manhattan. Though the formal entry of the auto brand is set in 2015, when this General Motors division will shift to its new global headquarters. The plan is to setup an all new Cadillac organization and outset on a journey as a separate business unit.General Motors

General Motors President Dan Ammann said that, ”The next logical step is to provide Cadillac more freedom to cultivate the brand in pursuit of further global growth.”


A decision that will help Cadillac thrive with the distinctness and focus of a global luxury brand. The luxury buyers in New York are extremely pleased with the announcement. Cadillac will be neck to neck with all other prominent luxury brands and the realignment will help them in expanding. The GM division already witnessed a worldwide growth of 28% last year.

Even, the New York government thinks of it as a perfect union. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said,”As the media and advertising capital of the world, New York is the ideal location for Cadillac to move its marketing operations to enhance their brand and spur future growth”.

The headquarters will be placed in Soho to match the premier lifestyle and connect with more premium-brand customers. The marketing team will be starting with one of the modern loft offices and other teams will be back home in Detroit. They are keeping product development and assembling in Michigan, but sending out their marketing guns to New York. The main focus is to elevate the luxury brand and grow among the high-end buyers in New York.

Cadillac Management has decided that to compete and grow fast in order to stand up as a successful business unit. The sophistication of New York matches the companies regard to luxury. The sudden stir and this move is to maximize the profits from the current and upcoming products of Cadillac.

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