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Nucleus: the modern day smart intercom

The prime feature which makes the 20th Century way ahead is the fact that literally everything in this century is connected. With the evolution of the Internet and the modern day communication system, we have seen various ways in which people can communicate with each other. Intercom is one of the oldest technology used for the purpose of connecting to others. Nucleus is a typical Intercom but with exceptionally advanced technology compared to other models of Intercom.3d836f351126dbcdb24d29155955d703

What is Nucleus?

Nucleus is nothing but an internet enabled intercom system. Just like most of the other Intercoms, Nucleus allows you to communicate with other individuals in a building at ease. The fact that adds interest into the system is that Nucleus also allows direct video conferencing with the other family members at ease. This certainly adds to the atmosphere of connectivity in a home. Nucleus comes with  Wi-Fi as well as an internet connection, making it a smart gadget itself. In addition, the intercom has a high definition camera for video conferencing and a touch panel to control the various actions instead of buttons.


The best feature about Nucleus is that it is wireless. Thus, Nucleus can be installed anywhere in your home or office and you can shift it at will as well. The connection of Nucleus to the internet also makes the device capable enough to communicate with most of the smart appliances that you have in your home. All of this at just $150 makes the deal even more interesting.

According to the statement by Jonathan Frankel, the Founder of Nucleus, Nucleus is one of the gadgets that you must have in your house. The device can act as a camera, allowing you to keep a look at your kids, communicate with other members of the family, control your smart appliances, etc..

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