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iPhone 6 costs a fortune in the Chinese Black Market

Apple, the innovative gadget maker, launched the latest version of its flagship phone few days ago. iPhone 6, the all new avatar made headlines as the company says it isn’t simply bigger – it’s better in every way.apple-china

Apple fans all over the world have already stormed the stores for the new variants, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The newly unveiled smart phone sales were over 10 million on the opening weekend. The phone costs around $900 and is selling like hot cakes. But do you know that people are paying thrice the amount in China? Yes, because iPhone 6 is yet to be launched in the Chinese market.


Apple Stores in China are waiting for the pending countrywide release of flagship phone because the company could not get network license. This has affected the business of the carriers as well. Apple’s delay is proving to be a boon for black market dealers in China. The impatient Chinese fans, who lined up in front of the Apple stores in China, were greeted by smugglers and dealers.

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The black market sellers were selling the unavailable iPhone 6, which the official store could not facilitate. But this phone comes without any receipt or contract, that too in an all cash deal. According to the reports by Chinese media, the dealers also guarantee a 2 day delivery. The customers are willing to spend for the Apple experience. Most fans are paying three times the amount as dealers are charging up to 20,000 Yuan.

The black market dealers are making a fortune as they rely on various unofficial shipments coming from various countries. The rising demand and the limited supply have led to enormous costs, which the customers are happily paying. Apple on the other hand is one step away from the launch, but we hope iPhone 6’s entry to China may not be termed as ‘too late’.

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