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Texas to be the home to the Video Game Museum

This news is of utmost importance to you in case you are a gaming freak. The news is that very soon from you will be able to make your own pilgrimage visit to the Video Game Museum. Yes, the news is true as the Video Game Museum will finally settle in somewhere. According to the reports, Texas community board has approved a deal that will allow the museum a 10,400 sqft. area to showcase everything that our gaming history has in store.Texas to be the home to the Video Game Museum

This news will certainly bring back that smirk on your face in case you were a gaming freak in your younger days. It was exceptionally difficult for the modern day grown up to make it back to such a place as the Videogame History Museum was always on the run to make it to different places. With the deal finally taking place, it will be much easier for a lot of people to plan a perfect revisit to the golden days childhood and teenage.


The Texas Community board is leasing out a meager 10,400 sqft. inside the Discovery Center, Texas. According to the reports, the paperwork is expected to be completed by the month of April, 2015. An optimistic gaming fan will feel that the Museum will be up an running within a couple of months but lets be realistic as well. At least we will have a place to walk in and take a look at the gaming consoles which were quite an important part of our childhood.

The authorities are also quite optimistic about the venture as they will be looking forward to bring in more cash for the museum. Well, this is just a start which is bound to grow with time.

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