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HTC and Google are reportedly building new Nexus 9 tablet

It has been just recently when a written document was received from NVIDIA stating that HTC would pose to be the manufacturer of the new Nexus 9 tablet by Google. HTC has not rubbed hands in making a tablet for a long time and it seems to be an interesting decision by the company.htc-google-nexus

The company is seemingly confident for the making of New Nexus 9 and they have themselves confirmed about the same in a report submitted to The Wall Street Journal. Google chose HTC over the other phone makers since they did not want one OEM to have the monopoly in the Nexus devices of the American company.


This is by far the first involvement of Google with HTC and the company is too excited for the same. Asus, Samsung and the other competitors of HTC have already manufactured Nexus devices before and hence, Google decided to change the call and give the responsibility to another company instead.

When the company officials were confronted, they denied making any comment on the involvement with HTC and no statements were registered from HTC’s end either. However, a statement was received from Google saying, “Android is a vibrant ecosystem, and many of the industry players are doing very well. There’s room for many partners to do well and to innovate with Android.”

HTC had made an attempt to make tablet earlier in the form of HTC Flyer but it did not work according to the plan. Therefore, there is a great skepticism about Google’s decision to join hands with HTC to make a Nexus tablet. But we really hope that HTC does a commendable job in this case and does not let any expectations down.

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