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You should know these iOS 8 hidden features

As Apple releases latest iOS 8 for its iPhones and iPads, the users with previous iOS are eager to update their Apple devices to the new mobile operating system. iOS 8 allows the users to use several hidden features that were found already on your device that you would have never known.iOS-8-Logo-2

Excellent photo sharing via Messages: By simply clicking the camera icon in the iMessages, users can attach their images to the iMessage.


View Desktop Version of websites via Safari: Browsing through mobile version will ruin your browsing experience and in the meanwhile, you can tap on the address bar and swipe down to click “Request Desktop” option. This option will bring you Desktop version of websites in the Safari browser.

Health information on the Lock Screen: iOS 8 shows health information of the users via a new health app on the iOS 8. This application shows health information such as allergies, blood group and other personal information of the users on the lock screen in case of any sort of emergency.

You can count your steps: iOS 8 makes the pedometer to count the number of steps while you’re walking. Health app tracks and monitors the number of steps that you were walking in your day-to-day life or during the exercises.

Added additional notifications for email thread replies: Apple has added an excellent feature over the email client on iOS 8, this new feature notifies the users when a person replies to a particular email thread. This will help the users when they were looking for a reply from a particular person.

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