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Internet prank tricks users to microwave their iPhones

An internet prank convinced users to microwave their iPhones for ‘Microwave Charging’ which originated from 4Chan website and went viral in social-networking websites.o-MICROWAVE-IPHONE-570

The above ad is fake

With a fake ad, spreading it on Twitter with #applewave hashtag went popular among thousands of Apple users. The image that was doing the round in Twitter claimed an “exclusive feature” that could charge an iPhone by microwaving for 60 to 70 seconds. The screenshots on Reddit revealed that the fake ad originated from 4Chan anonymous website. Convinced users posted pictures of their toasted iPhones on Twitter.


Last year, a hoax originated from 4Chan, which claimed iPhones were waterproof during the release of iOS 7. This also led to many users dipping their devices in the water. The iPhone microwaving challenge and other pranks were doing the rounds on YouTube and the latest hoax comes in the aftermath of the latest iOS 8 from Apple. The fake advertisement for ‘Microwave Charging’ also mentioned it was an iOS 8 exclusive.

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