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Apple iPhone 6 teardown shows chips from Qualcomm, Skyworks and Avago

A teardown of Apple iPhone 6 Plus by iFixit, a repair firm revealed that the Apple device uses chips from Qualcomm, Skyworks Solutions and Avago Technologies. The firm has also revealed the effective ways of tearing down of the smartphone in its step by step guideiphone-6-teardown-8

iFixit which opened the device at a Mac repair shop on Friday in Melbourne, stated that the iPhone 6 Plus used the same Qualcomm 4G LTE modem of the earlier iPhones. iFixit technicians found also found a Murata Wi-Fi module and Broadcom touchscreen controller apart from the chips from Skyworks, Avago and TriQuint. The revelation of the companies who formed a part in building the iPhone 6 impacts the stock market prices of the companies as it was chosen by Apple.


The U.S. mineral crystal manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies, Inc., the maker of the scratch-resistant glass for future iPhones saw a 13 percent drop in stock market prices after investors found that the glass was not used in the iPhone 6. Apple follows a strict policy of not disclosing the companies which supplied the components. The suppliers also follow the policy, where Apple-related discussions are restricted to investors and media.

Apple’s new NFC payment feature in the iPhone 6 is made possible by NFC radio chips that are supplied by NXP semiconductors. The company also supplies motion co-processor that makes iPhones work without battery drain. Similar to earlier iPhones, Apple has developed the A8 chip with license from ARM Holdings. The smartphones include a NAND chip that stores media and developed by SK Hynix. Apple is dependent on multiple suppliers for the NAND chip.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be launched in Australia on Friday morning, followed by the United States and other countries. Wireless carriers in the U.S., like Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint Corp, T-Mobile also starts selling the phones on Friday.


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