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Red Hat acquires FeedHenry, reportedly for $82 million

Red Hat, a known open-source software company, adds a feather in its cap today. The corporation primarily known for its tremendous contributions towards Linux, acquired a mobile application development platform called FeedHenry.feedhenry-redhat

FeedHenry, acquired for $82 million, is surely worth its money. Red Hat can now extend its support to mobile application development with an expert team from this Irish start-up. FeedHenry focuses on providing infrastructure for smartphone application platforms, which includes integration, development and deployment. Red Hat, a leading OS and enterprise applications provider, is keen on devouring the large chuck of increasing mobiles and smartphone usage. It can easily do so with FeedHenry’s adequate cloud support and a simple developer platform.


Cathal McGloin, CEO, FeedHenry said in a statement:

By joining Red Hat, we now have an opportunity to bring our leading mobile application platform to a wider audience of global customers and partners, to help them optimize for the mobile-first world.

Unlike most of the Red Hat products and services, mobile application platform is rising exponentially. The penetration, sales, and growth through mobiles is huge. This acquisition is beneficial for the users’ ad they have the best of both worlds in their hands. FeedHenry is based on cloud and is extremely flexible. A single development platform for mobile that can create native (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry), hybrid, HTML5 or web apps. Also integration with salesforce.com, SAP, Oracle etc. is made extremely simple.

FeedHenry started in 2010, with humble beginnings at the Waterford Institute of Technology. It has offices in Ireland, England and Massachusetts. The cash deal will surely drive more growth and possibilities. Red Hat has a rich set of services like xPaas for enterprises under its belt and FeedHenry will add to its vision of next generation applications. Red Hat can now develop and collaborate on mobile projects with the dedicated team it has acquired.

Craig Muzilla, SVP of Red Hat, also emphasized on the benefits coming from this acquisition. The reliability of Red Hat on your smartphone cannot be stressed more.

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