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First ever images of Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch with complete health tracker and other specs

We have earlier reported that Samsung is working on Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Now VentureBeat has leaked some of the very first images of Galaxy Gear. Along with the first ever leaked images, they have also reported about actual specifications of Galaxy Gear. First of all please have a look at the schematic picture of Galaxy Gear.



This image shows most of the things about GG Samartwatch. According to the report, it will come with a 3 inches rectangular shaped screen with rounded corners for a classy and attractive look. It will come with two pair up options: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some of the main specs of Galaxy Gear Watch include:

  • Full internet access
  • Voice commanded interface (Samsung S Voice)
  • 10+ hours backup after one complete recharge
  • Power button one edge
  • Lots of pre-loaded Android apps
  • Instant call logs option
  • Pre-loaded Social Media access (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Built in camera
  • Swipe controls
  • Complete interface for accessing various files of different medias
  • Option for initiating a call
  • Galaxy S Phone or Tablet integration
  • Lots more

Here are original images of Galaxy Gear:



According to VentureBeat, it will house a 4 MP camera that can be best used for various functions. One of its best uses is for measuring the health data of a particular body. This smartwatch is paired up with some very high end apps that reflect the health level with help of food pictures only.

It is a complete health supplement in all the conditions. During gym this smartwatch will track your steps, heart beats and calorie rates. This app comes with an inbuilt heart rate measuring tool with which you can anytime measure your heart rate. This app even suggests healthy diets and proper work routines for different bodies.


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