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Misfit launches $50 worth flash fitness tracker

Misfit, the company known for developing Shine Fitness Tracker has launched the low-priced Misfit Flash fitness and sleep tracker priced at $50.misfit-flash-fitness-tracker

The Misfit Flash is cheaper and features a plastic-build when compared with the $100 Shine. The device is larger than the Shine includes a large button instead of a touch sensitive screen that can measure the number of steps, calories, sleep quality, calories and more. The data from the wearable device is sent to the Misfit app on Android or iOS devices.


The device is made of soft plastic and front button displays the progress of fitness goals via a circle of LED’s. The Flash is water-resistant up to 100 feet, which is lesser than the Shine’s 165 feet. The Flash will be available in colors like Frost, Onyx, Red, Wave, Teal, Zest and Fuschia. The latter will be offered only at Best Buy and the colors are bolder than they were on Shine.

The Misfit Flash priced at $50 is aimed at budget consumers who want to own a fitness tracker. The device can be worn around as a watch or a necklace similar to the Shine.The company, which started off on Kickstarter will compete with other low-priced fitness trackers like Fitbug Orb and Fitbit Zip. Misfit has offered the stylish Shine and the low-priced Flash as budget fitness trackers, but the Fitbug series features more health monitoring features which will give a tough competition.

The Misfit Flash will start shipping from October and is available for pre-order on the official site and will be available on Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

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