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Leaked Google Play Store 5.0 reveals visual enhancements

Google is set to release Android Play Store 5.0 as screenshots of an early build of the latest Play Store inspired by Material Design concept have been leaked online.nexus2cee_wm_c_thumb

The California-based company is yet to make an official announcement, though there are expectations that the new Google Play app will be released along with the official release of the new Android L. There are several visual enhancements in the Play Store 5.0 like the merging of the top bar with sections and with category tabs like Top Releases, New Releases etc. Vibrant color combinations are used in Google Play Sections namely Apps, Games and others and is brighter.


The Play app utilizes the Material Design concept and uses flat design elements and uses a same color design for the buttons. Google will use colors or images instead of the white background for a better appeal. Google Antenna Sampler, a promo page that features sample tracks from artists will also undergo a visual revamp with animations and images. Material Design-inspired Google Play app icons for Music, Newsstand, Books and Movies and a new Play Store icon were also leaked.


The Play Store 5.0 also carries five ic_launcher files which shows the Google Play Store categories like Apps, Movies and Others. Android L which is expected to be named ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’ is also based on the Material Design concept and the new Android Play Store has been designed to match the latest OS. The leaked screenshots are believed to be an early build and more features will be revealed after an official announcement from Google.



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