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Ecobee thermostat better at controlling climate

The temperature in your room will be exactly  as you need it. With the new Thermostat from Ecobee, the company has tried to bring in a more precise measurement of temperature. The new thermostat from Ecobee is just a bit different from the others in the market when it comes to measuring the temperature, according to the cofounder of Ecobee Stuart Lombard. According to the reports, the new thermostat from Ecobee works more efficiently while maintaining the temperature and also saves a lot of energy as well.Ecobee thermostat better at controlling climate

The basic working principle of Ecobee’s new thermostat is similar to the others. The motion sensors detect the motion and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Considering an empty room, the sensors   are of no use, but with Ecobee the technology is a bit different. The unused motion sensor not only takes up power, but also embarks a load on the thermostat. Thus, the new launch comes up with a remote sensor which can coordinate among themselves and thus maintaining the general balance required at the different rooms in your house.


This is actually the 3rd generation thermostat from Ecobee and according to the experts, the device is loaded to compete with other thermostats from Nest and Honeywell. The model from Ecobee also marks a stark change in the design of the thermostat. With dark colors and rounded edges, Ecobee’s thermostat does make a statement. The thermostat has been priced at $249 with a single sensor. Extra sensors can also be bought at a price of $79.


Many people might just upvote Nest’s learning thermostat as the device comes with an additional smoke sensor. But sadly for me, this does not include anything related to temperature. Thus, with Ecobee the aim of user satisfaction with temperature control seems proper.


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