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New studies reveal the reason why lithium batteries go bad

When the particles in lithium ion battery are looked upon, the behavior of the electrodes in case of charging the battery rapidly and taking an ample of work through that does not damage as much as the researchers thought. Slow draining is an over-estimated concept actually.lithium-ion-battery-study

The results of the study have concluded that “rapid charging” always gets harder on the electrodes than charging at lower rates. It has been established from the researchers of Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences situated in the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.


The scientists are also working in the direction of modifying the electrodes in the way that batteries can be charged and uniform charging concept can be materialized. This could definitely enhance the life of the battery.

When William Chueh, the Assistant professor at the Stanford Department of Materials Science was asked about the same, he stated “The fine detail of what happens in an electrode during charging and discharging is just one of many factors that determine battery life, but it’s one that, until this study, was not adequately understood, we have found a new way to think about battery degradation.”

The results of the study are expected to be used in application for electrodes made of oxide and graphite. These are the electrodes that are present in the batteries of today’s world. The commercial lithium batteries also use oxide or graphite electrodes for production. William Cheuh stated that the team that he worked with included a team of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sandia National Laboratories, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology America and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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