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Windows 9 Notification Center popped up in a leaked video

Following the glance at alleged Windows 9 OS’ Start Menu in action, now another video reveals a look of the alleged Notification Center of Windows 9 with pop-up features and allows the user to view and clear all notifications at once.windows-9-notification-center

The Notification Center has been inspired by the Windows 8.1 OS in smartphones and is seen as an improvement to the notification center in Windows 8 that showed specific alerts. The new Notification Center will compile alerts from Windows apps and system notifications with time and app name. The video leaked by WinFuture  shows Skype notifications with the app and time. The site also leaked a video showing the start menu in action.


The notifications pop-up on the screen every time there is a message from Skype and even appear in the combined Notification Center. There has been rumors that Windows 9 will be launched on Sep 30. Several features are likely to be added during the final release and this leaked video offers a preview of the new feature. Windows 9 will also include multi-desktops with different home screen windows for open programs.

However the video reveals that these notifications cannot be used to reply messages within the feature, though an actionable Notification Center is expected by the time of the release. The upcoming Windows Technical Preview will reveal the changes that Microsoft will deliver. The new notification Center will be an added benefit to Windows users with the company set to release the Windows Technical Preview by next month.

Check out the leaked video:

Earlier this week, the same guys posted a video of alleged Windows 9 operating system, which showed us the new ‘Start’ button and Start Menu in action. The Start Menu is being split into two sections, one of which looks close to the previous Windows versions and the other one looks more blank and can receive Metro apps on it. The moment users pins the Metro apps on the Start menu, the menu enlarges its size in order to give space for all those apps.

The size of the titles can also be squeezed or enlarged depending on your requirements. To the right of the Start menu is a Start screen where the Metro apps can be pinned. Hence, doing so, you will never have to revisit the Start Menu again. The desktop apps are not capable of doing the tricks that Metro Apps can do and hence, they are an important part of the Start screen… Full Post Here.

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