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Facebook asks drag queens to use ‘real names’ in profiles; stirs criticism

Facebook is constantly increasing its privacy policy and asking millions of users to keep their original names as their profile name with its privacy policy changes. Sister Roma, a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence has been asked by Facebook to change her profile name into her “real name.”sister-roma

According to The Daily Dot, “Sister Roma was targeted by Facebook… for having her stage name, rather than her legal one, appear on her personal Facebook profile.” Later, Sister Roma told, “I was automatically logged out and told my account was suspended because it appears that I’m not using my real name”. “I was instructed to log in and forced to change the name on my profile to my ‘legal name, like the one that appears on your drivers’ license or credit card.'”


Sister Roma is mobilizing her supporters with the help of hashtag #MyNameIsRoma and this issue, not only affect her, but also it affects series of people who’re defining themselves outside with another name rather than using their name on a birth certificate.

Miz Cracker, drag performer mentioned in an email as

I found out that my account had been suspended on Wednesday night, right in the middle of a show, when a fellow queen texted to ask “Why is your Facebook profile gone?” Facebook was letting me know that I had a choice: I could either select a name they liked, or lose touch with the contacts, creative content, and memories that my name has earned me over the years.

Finally, drag queens are resisting against Facebook privacy policies to keep their identity, and also petitions have been made according to this issue on Change.org.

Michael Williams’ Facebook post reads:

Here is an example of the comments i have received regarding Facebook’s legal name change policy:

“The name I was born with is the name of a victim, a lonely little boy who hated himself.

That is NOT who I am.


Please let Facebook know that their legal name policy is unfair, hurtful, discriminatory and an invasion of privacy. Tell Facebook that adults should be allowed to choose their own names and identities on their personal profiles.


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