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DARPA’s Jetpack to make soldiers run a mile in just 4 minutes

What if it was told to you that you can easily compete with Usain Bolt provided you wear a gadget? What if you were also told that with the gadget you also had enough chances of beating the fastest man in a run? Well, this might sound a bit unnerving to you, but with the Jetpack designed by the students as a DARPA-funded project of Arizona State University, you can easily hit 200 meters in just 25 seconds. According to the reports, a student has designed a Jetpack that will allow a human being to cover up to a mile in a meager time span of four minutes.Jetpack that makes you run a mile in just 4 minutes!

While we have seen a lot of projects related to flying Jetpacks, this Jetpack from Jason Kerestes is aimed at enhancing the speed and agility of a human being. Jason is the sole mastermind behind the running Jetpack and is presently testing it. Jason is presently working on the prototype of the running machine and is looking forward to increase the efficiency of the machine.


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funded project is a part of the Arizona State University effort where the university brings together students and the industry in order to harness the bright idea for the future. The Jetpack has been named as a 4 Minute Mile or 4MM as it will allow a person to cover a mile  in just 4 minutes. The Jetpack will have a huge impact in the warfare division as if a soldier can run a mile in just four minutes, a lot of aspects will change.

Presently, the Jetpack weighs around 11 pounds and the researchers are working on making the Jetpack more efficient and light as well. With proper nurture of the idea, the scientists can certainly add another dimension to the modern warfare.

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