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Microsoft reportedly to announce the acquisition of Minecraft on Monday

With the spreading of the news that Microsoft is all set to buy out Mojang’s Minecraft, the world has shown a complete diverse emotions. It will be very tricky to state who are impressed by the move from Microsoft. Well, as the scenario holds presently, some of the market experts are considering this to be business blunder. According to them, Minecraft is probably one of the mass hits of its time, but it will be foolish for Microsoft to think that the customers will still pay a good amount for the modified version of Minecraft on their Windows Phone.HaloMashupPack_WidePanel

According to the reports, Microsoft is reportedly paying a whooping $2.5 billion for the blockbuster game which was a blockbuster production from Mojang. Although there is no surety that the next production or the modified game will not be a mass hit, but the list of doubts is a bit too much for any company to manage. The acquisition is also in question as there are quite a few strong rumors about Microsoft discontinuing the windows phone series under Nokia.


If these do not pose enough doubts about the $2.5 billion deal, then probably the history sure does. We have already seen a few companies who have had outright hit games, but have faded away with time. Zynga’s Farmville, King’s Candy Crush Saga, Rovio’s Angry Birds has suffered from a similar feat.

The fact that Minecraft brings in a lot of revenue from other sources like toys and merchandise also makes the decision to sell the organization at $2.5 billion a bit more questionable. In the past, Persson has made comments wherein he has stated that Minecraft will not change itself or go down the other path for everything. Thus the act of selling the Mojang AB will make him turn against his own words.

The general trend is that the users look forward to new things with unexplored features. Minecraft in this scenario does pose a certain risk. But still, as Minecraft is a digitized form of Lego with a plot, Microsoft will have certain scopes where it can develop and experiment. One will have to wait and watch how things unfold in this case.

As per Minecraft’s stats page, Mojang has sold nearly 17 million copies of the PC/Mac versions of the game, while in December 2013, Minecraft surpassed 13 million sales of PC game and in the same month, Microsoft announced that the game’s Xbox 360 sales number surpassed 10 million copies.

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