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Internet to slow down as the Net Neutrality comments’ deadline nears

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has spoken at the news conference and ordered to receive the public comments regarding proposed Open Internet notice on proposed rule making and spectrum auctions on May 15, 2014. The Federal Communications Commission is finally planning to provide a proposal to reform the net neutrality that allows ISP to charge for high-quality services.internet-global

Finally, after getting more than 1.4 million public comments from the various popular website includes Netflix, and Tumblr for “day of action”, Federal Communications Commission will reach the deadline for Open Internet Proposal on September 15 2014.


Tom Wheeler Open Internet Proposal would allow both fast as well as slow lanes of the internet, and makes the internet service providers to make excellent deals for the fastest internet services and makes the rest of the internet behind. This makes the internet service providers to provide more priority to the fast lane and makes premium plans for those speeds, makes other plans to go behind.

People are protesting to preserve the net neutrality and provide internet on a neutral basis without any sort of priority. In the month of January, United State Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has struck down the Open Internet rules to provide neutral internal services without any sort of priorities an also informs the internet providers to treat all internet users in equal.

You can still get involved in the upcoming Net Neutrality rule and send in comments by visiting Battle for the Net or the FCC website.

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