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Windows 9 leaked video shows the new Start Menu in action

The fans had been eagerly waiting for the Windows 9 start menu to come into action and they have not been disappointed. A video has been leaked that shows that Windows 9 Menu start button is a reality now. If it happens in the way video proposes, this Windows 9 start menu would outsmart the other previous versions.windows-9-start-menu

The German website WinFuture released a video that lasts for two minutes and it mostly relays about the Windows 9 Start button and Start Menu. We have embedded the same video in the article below. Hence, you would not require a thorough narration for the same, but we will definitely give you a gist of it and explain how it is different from the other previous versions.


If you check the video, you would notice that the Start Menu is being split into two sections, one of which looks close to the previous Windows versions and the other one looks more blank and can receive Metro apps on it. The moment users pins the Metro apps on the Start menu, the menu enlarges its size in order to give space for all those apps.

The size of the titles can also be squeezed or enlarged depending on your requirements. To the right of the Start menu is a Start screen where the Metro apps can be pinned. Hence, doing so, you will never have to revisit the Start menu again. The desktop apps are not capable of doing the tricks that Metro Apps can do and hence, they are an important part of the Start screen.

The Metro Apps are also shown in the video running in the floating windows through the desktop. This can also be done by the traditional desktop apps. Check the video for more details and satiate your excitement regarding the new Windows 9 Start Menu.

Windows 9 Leaked Video:

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