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Facebook tests trending topics like you see in Google Plus & Twitter

After rolling #hashtag feature across the social network, Facebook is now testing Trending Topics for some users and it is expected to roll out to all users across the Globe soon. This “trending” is the outcome of utilization of the #hashtag, revealed 2 months ago. We expected the #hashtag and trending features to be revealed in Facebook last year, but ultimately Facebook is moving towards the likeliness of Twitter users.


Facebook spokeswoman  confirmed:

“We are running a small test of a unit on News Feed, and right now it only available to a small percentage of US users and it is still in the early stages of development.”

The latest test shows that the Trending section is held at the top right corner of news feed in user’s desktop web browser, which is a very prominent piece of space to get attention.

According to E. M. Rusli of WSJ:

Like Twitter, Facebook’s trending section will reflect popular hashtags and topics that are generating a lot of conversation. For example, Facebook’s algorithm would group all public conversations mentioning #MLK and “Martin Luther,” under one topic in the trending section, such as “Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Prior to this, Facebook also copied the “Follow” feature as we were able to see in Twitter. You should also know that FB has rolled out friends lists feature, after Google has revealed “Circles” based Google+ social network. Least but not last, Facebook also copied the “Embedding Post” just like Twitter last month, where users can embed images in posts and comments. This social war is bringing each and every features to the competitors and I personally, don’t believe that it will gonna popularize the company instead, it will liquidate the user confidence.

via – cnet, valuewalk

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