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GM halts sales of 2015 Chevrolet Corvette models

General Motors (GM) has taken a heavy decision recently by putting the brakes on the sales of Chevrolet’s high-power Corvette halo car. The reasons behind the halt are perceived to be the problem with its air bags and the inappropriate installation of parking brakes.gm-chevrolet-corvette-2015

The Corvettes that are lined up to be delivered in the year 2015 are all on hold for the moment, which account for a substantial number of 800 units. These Corvettes have been halted for sales because of their faulty rear parking brakes. Another set of 2,000 Corvettes ready to be delivered in the year 2015 are stopped for sales because of their faulty air bag mechanism.


GM has also made sure that no further shipments are made from its Bowling Green, Ky. Factory to the showrooms in the year 2015 for preventing the cars to go through the sales network. GM is really careful about its product and does not want to take any chance that would create a black spot on its image in the market.

GM delivered a statement on Friday that said “we have not publicly issued a recall on the 2015 Corvette.” However, the recall would be followed as the stop orders will not reach every vehicle anyway.

The big decision taken by GM has come at a very sensitive time for them as they have remained into the microscope of Federal regulators for not recalling 2.19 million U.S. cars until the beginning of 2014. The failure to recall resulted in at least 13 deaths which worsened the worries for GM.

After all these concerns, appropriate measures are being taken by GM and for the moment, it has stopped the shipment of Corvette.

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