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The Legacy of the iPod Classic to be discontinued by Apple

Apple iPod Classic had remained to be the essential backdrop for the Apple products. Its legacy in the market cannot be undermined and the fans could not imagine a farewell for the device so soon. However, Apple has not wasted any time in declaring the farewell for one of its most popular devices, iPod Classic. It has been eliminated from the Apple store now.apple-ipod-classic

Apple iPod Classic possessed a unique design with the iconic click wheel that was acutely popular among the users. It came with a 160 GB memory model and was available in the market for about 12 years on the trot. It will be heavily missed by the users and its fans.


An ample of updates had been affected on Apple’s iPod Classic in the last couple of years, but the features and the main theme remained the same. This device was pretty much responsible for taking the fortunes of Apple to a mountain high point in the industry. There were other MP3 players available in the market before the launch of iPod Classic but it was undoubtedly the best of them.

When iPod Classic was first released in the market in October 2001, it cost $400 and offered great features to the user. The customer could store thousands of songs in the device and use it on the go. Apple iTunes was established by the company in the year 2003 and it took the popularity of iPhone Classic to the next step.

The decision by Apple is being thought of as wise by the critics as a lot of people are moving all their music in their phones. Hence, keeping a separate device for listening to the music is simply impractical these days. However, the other versions of iPods are available at the Apple store like iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

Sales chart of Apple iPods:


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