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Google acquires Polar to bring aid to Google Plus

The recent times have already seen a lot of acquisitions of smaller companies by the larger ones in order to strengthen themselves ahead of stiff competition. According to the recent reports, Google has announced the acquisition of Polar, an opinion poll service. Polar is one of the most used opinion poll service in the recent times. The poll service is well-known for the high quality graphics that it uses.polar-google

Polar is basically a service which allows the users to participate in a poll via various web services as well as on applications. Polar also allows the users to create polls as well. According to the statistics, Polar is presently one of the most used poll service providers in he last eight months with a voter base of approximately 1 million or more.


The experts are of the belief that the acquisition of Polar by Google has been carried out such that they can make Google+ a bit more interesting. The Polar team will be joining Google and the Google+ team soon and work on creating exclusive polls for Google+. Although we are not completely aware of the terms and conditions of the deal, but the general idea is that Google+ will incorporate some of the features from Polar. According to the statement of Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Dave Besbris, the Polar team will be working in tandem with the Google’s own designers and engineers to make Google+ extremely light and simple.

None of the parties have disclosed any financial terms and thus this makes  the deal all the more interesting. Polar has accumulated a worth of more that $1.7 million before the  deal.

Official website of Polar states:

Polar started with the simple idea that everyone has an opinion worth hearing. Since then one in every 449 Internet users told us what their opinion was by voting on a Polar poll. Our deepest thanks go out to each and every one of you.

To help our existing customers with this transition, we’re keeping our publisher tools available until the end of 2014. We’ve also built a simple way to download and save an archive of your Polar polls and data —they’re yours after all!

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