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5 million gmail accounts leaked, Google recommends a 2-step verification

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) recommends a two-step verification for linking user’s mobile number and recovery-email after more than 4.93 million Gmail accounts were hacked by Russian hackers on Sep 9.gmail

The account and password details were posted on Bitcoin forum (btsec.com) by a user named Tvskit. Users claimed that more than 60 percent of the passwords were active at the moment while Google claimed that only 2 percent of the passwords remained active as attempts to login were blocked by anti-hacking systems. Security researchers stated that most of the accounts were hacked from websites which required Gmail addresses to register.


“The security of  user’s information is a top priority for us, we take steps to help those users secure their accounts,” said Google in a statement.

Recently hackers had also leaked account details of more than 6 million users of Russian internet services like mail.ru and Yandex on the same forum. The most popular Russian companies stated that there was no breach in their security system as the passwords were hacked though spam and hacking attacks on users.

Google also stated that there was no internal breach in the security system. The company noted that most of the leaked accounts were mainly Spanish, English and Russian languages. The company immediately posted a two-step verification link in their Twitter page where users can link a recovery email and phone number for better security. Users can also check on isleaked.com if their account is hacked. Users are urged to set a strong password and check the recent activity for any suspicious location in the timeline.

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