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T-Mobile to allow users to make phone calls and texts via Wi-Fi

You can call it an offer or the addition of a new feature, but with the launch of T-Mobile Un-Carrier 7.0 “Wi-Fi Unleashed the users will be able to make calls using Wi-Fi connection without any call charge. According to the reports, the new Smartphones purchased from T-Mobile will allow the users to make phone calls using Wi-Fi connection. Thus in case you are stuck in a position where you cannot make a proper call, but have access to wireless internet or a Wi-Fi connection, you can easily make a call anywhere you want. The opportunity will only be available on he new Smartphones purchased from T-Mobile.T-Mobile to allow users to make phone calls and texts via Wi-Fi

The majority of the market analysts is calling this another marketing stint of T-Mobile with the aim to develop as the leader in wireless communication services in the United States. Without getting deep into the matter, one thing is for sure that a lot of people will be benefitted with the opportunity.


More often than not it happens that a user is stuck in a building where there is below par coverage, but the building is covered with a Wi-Fi network of its own. Thus, you can access everything, though you are in a no coverage zone. What makes things even better is that T-Mobile will also allow the users to send text messages under similar circumstances.

T-Mobile has linked up with Gogo, an in-flight Wi-Fi company which will allow the users of T-Mobile to obtain the opportunity. Since the announcement from T-Mobile comes directly after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with Wi-Fi calling feature, this has turned out as a point of interest for many. Currently, T-Mobile is the only wireless network provider with Wi-Fi calling feature until others decide to join in.


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