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Facebook to bring Snapchat-like self-destructing posts on iOS

Facebook is testing out self-destructing posts, similar to the feature on Snapchat on the iOS app that will allow users to set a time a for status updates to delete itself.

The testing is being carried on with a section of iOS users and many users did mention they noticed the new feature. Facebook will allow users to set a minimum time of 1 hour to a maximum of 7 days for posts to disappear. A Twitter post also revealed the new expiration option on the iOS app. Facebook stated that it was a “small pilot” if a feature on Facebook that lets users to schedule the deletion of posts.

The new feature is set to be launched after the failure of Facebook’s Poke app launched in 2012 that didn’t catch up with users. Later, the company developed Slingshot app where self-destructing messages are visible only after users have sent them to each other. Several features of Snapchat is expected to bring in this new feature after the company’s various failed attempts.

Apps that include features for self-destructing messages, photos and videos has caught up in popularity among users due to privacy concerns. The new feature on Facebook can be used to post updates on asking questions that become irrelevant after a period of time, e.g “I have two tickets for a movie. It’s for sale”. Though there is only limited information regarding the feature of the self-destructing posts on the social networking site will find a strong user base.

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