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Twitter announces ‘flight’, its first annual mobile developer event

Twitter has announced Flight, the company’s second developer conference (its first annual conference for mobile developers) that will focus on app development and will be hosted in San Francisco on October 22nd.twitter-flight-conference

Twitter has invited developers for the Oct 22 event and has promised that everyone will “hear the latest on how Twitter can help you build the best mobile apps”. The event will include a keynote by CEO Dick Costello, who will reveal upcoming features on the site. The event is aimed at developers and app development will be the main focus unlike the first conference that was held in 2010.


“Flight will be a gathering designed by developers for developers,” said Twitter.

The social-networking site is following a similar model like Facebook where the site is used as a platform for new applications. Developers will discuss Java, Objective-C and Swift programming during the “technical sessions” of the event. In order to bring in developers to the conference, the company also revamped its developers’ site where questions and answers can be easily accessed. The company also stated that it is bringing in more features to the developer site.

The company had recently removed TwitPic, a third-party photo sharing app due to trademark issues and apps, similar to the photo-sharing app might be expected by the company. Developers already make use of the Twitter API for developing apps that can be integrated with the site and the latest conference aims to bring in newer and popular apps with innovation. Developers can attend “Flight” invite-only event by filling out an application for $140.

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