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Minecraft developing house to be acquired at $2 billion by Microsoft

Not a lot of people are actually acquainted with the name of the company behind the development of Minecraft, but the game is surely known by all. According to the reports, the Swedish development company behind the simple and extremely favored game, Minecraft is in the final stages of sealing a deal with Microsoft. The news also states that Microsoft is acquiring the Swedish development house at a meager $2 billion. According to many experts, this is quite a strange step taken by the developers considering the fame that the simple game possesses.Minecraft developing house goes down at $2 billion to Microsoft

Many experts were probably taken a bit back with the news of Mojang AB in final talks with Microsoft over acquisition. The development house is better known as the makers of Minecraft which has a huge fan base. The new is more mysterious as Markus Persson has turned down more lucrative offers from outside sources before. Many major technical giants including Microsoft itself had tried to deal in with Mijang Ab but in vain.


The fact that Minecraft brings in a lot of revenue from other sources like toys and merchandise also makes the decision to sell the organization at $2 billion a bit more questionable. In the past, Persson has made comments wherein he has stated that Minecraft will not change itself or go down the other path for everything. Thus the act of selling the Mojang AB will make him turn against his own words.

Speaking of the deal from Microsoft’s view, the company will easily be able to generate the revenue in quick time. The experts believe that the addition of Microsoft to the game will only increase the revenue produced from Minecraft.

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