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Battlefield 4 ‘No contact with EA Online’ error popped up again [fixed]

It was in last December, Battlefield forum were filled with the complaints related to the “No contact with EA Online” issue, and then the company begins to roll out a small update so that the error vanished not-for-so-long. Again the users started flooding with the complaints in a few hours, which made the company to officially announce about the problem and later to solve it through one more patch. Once again, Battlefield users are facing the same problem “No contact with EA Online.”battlefield-4-no-connect-ea-online

Many gamers face “Error: No contact with EA Online. Please try again” error when connecting to the online servers to play the Battlefield 4 shooter game. Some users even getting the “Could not join server” and “Something went wrong” errors.


Earlier in December, the EA team showed up an “alert” in official forum ‘battlelog‘ as below:

“Alert! We are tracking a connectivity issue across numerous platforms ad games. This appears to affect your ability to connect as well as to stay connected. As we get more info, this notice will be updated. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue and get you back into the game.”

There are no reports on whether other game servers such as Battlefield 3 and other games’ users are getting the similar errors or not (when connecting to the EA servers). Gamers are desperately waiting for an official statement. Stay tuned for more updates on this issue.

Update-1: Battlefield 3 users were also facing the same issue. And now, the problem has been solved, according to the updates in the forum.


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