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Google Acquired WIMM last year to bring company’s own android smartwatch soon

We have been in the expectation of Samsung’s and Apple’s smartwatches to enter the market, but here we got information that Google has already acquired WIMM Labs last year, i.e., 2013, and it is said to be releasing the Google smartwatch running on android OS soon after the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which also runs on android OS. Galaxy Gear to be launched on first week of September.



This news was first reported by GigaOM, stating that Google’s spokeswoman has confirmed the secret acquisition of WIMM Labs in 2012. Since then, the official website of WIMM has been closed and a “Thank You” post is published, which stated:

During the summer of 2012, WIMM Labs entered into an exclusive, confidential relationship for our technology and ceased sales of the Developer Preview Kit. Existing WIMM One owners can continue to synchronize their devices at this time as well as contact us at help@wimm.com.

There were many rumors spreading on Internet about Google’s smartwatch and the latest details from trusted source, which includes the insiders and acquired WIMM staffs suggests that the company is building android centered smartwatches. This gadget is not made by Google’s XLAB, so that you can expect the release of the smartwatch earlier than the release of Google’s another most awaited wearable gadget by XLAB – Google Glass. Google Glass release has been postponed to the mid of 2014.

Why Google acquired WIMM?

Google always thought to acquire the competitor rather than bring out the products from scratch. Moreover, WIMM didn’t only developed the smartwatch gadget with their own limited number of applications. Rather going to the old school method, it setup it’s own developer program, where any third-party developers can build their own “micro apps”. This developing model is much similar to that of Apple iOS apps and Google’s android app developing. And to add some more value, those apps not only meant to give notifications from the smartphones, it actually was working independently on the device to give the user more “smart” features.


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