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Apple Hires Australia’s Rockstar Industrial Designer Marc Newson

Apple Inc. is probably gearing up to bring in some changes to the looks and the design of the upcoming Apple products. The reason to believe this becomes stronger considering the act of hiring Marc Newson, a renowned industrial designer. This will certainly add up to the hopes of the dedicated Apple fans as the industry has been criticizing Apple for its similar designs for most of the products. The addition of Marc Newson to the team of designers will mean a new head into the act, thus increasing the chance of creating a better and new design.marc-newson-apple-design-team

According to the reports, Marc Newson will be working in collaboration with the head of design of iPhone, Jony Ive who is also a very close friend of Marc. The news is that Marc will be working with a secret group of around 20 individuals on the design of the upcoming Apple products. Although there is no assurance of the news about the secret group, but the addition of Mr. Newson to the team does bring up the hopes for the Apple fans.


Marc Newson is one of the most celebrated industrial designers of the modern era. His work has featured in the New York Museum of Modern Arts. The man is also credited for designing the concept cars for Ford Motor Corporation, plane seats for Quantas Airlines Ltd., etc.. In addition Mr. Newson has also worked on various watches as well. Thus, it is quite clear that the man does have a hold on a variety of subjects which will only end up helping the Apple.

This is not the first time when Newson is working with Apple. The industrial designer has worked with the iPhone maker in the past on a selected list of projects. With the hiring of Marc just before the event, Apple will certainly send out a strong message to its competitors.

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