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Facebook Auto-play video causing high data charges; how to stop?

Facebook is being blamed for high data charges that were caused by auto-playing videos when users scroll through the News Feed in the mobile application, both iOS and Android.facebook-video-data-charge

After several complaints from users regarding high data charges, a survey by MoneySavingExpert.com revealed that the auto-play feature was the reason for the high charges. Facebook by default, displays videos on the mobile application after a recent update which is being blamed for draining the data. The website educates users with tips to save money and reduce expenses.


“We’ve seen many people who have been stung with data bills after exceeding their monthly allowance and who believe it to be because of Facebook autoplaying videos,” reported the website.

Facebook users started noticing the data charges, especially after the popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge videos that were trending online. Several users also posted videos of their challenge which did create awareness and helped ALS charity to rake in about $110 million in donations. The mobile users would have preferred to donate in a more direct way than to incur high data charges caused by the videos.

However, Apple iOS users can disable the auto-play feature by accessing Facebook > Settings > Auto-play while Android users can access the setting via the Facebook app to select “Wi-Fi only” or to turn off the feature. The feature can also be disabled on the desktop site by adjusting settings. Users were frustrated with the high data charges and took a while to figure out the culprit.

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