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Apps for the wearable gadgets is the future: Salesforce Inc.

Salesforce.com Inc. thinks that the development of applications for the wearable devices have quite a bright future ahead. According to the reports, the organization has a distinct thought that with time, the wearables will turn out as one of the major attractions in the field of gadgets. As of now, the wearable smart gadgets in the market have already drawn a lot of attention towards themselves and more is to come in the future as well. Thus, it will be a good choice to start developing applications for the future from now on.Apps for the wearable gadgets is the future: Salesforce Inc.

The San Francisco based Customer Relations Management software provider has stated that most of the major developers are already gearing up for creating various applications for the wearable devices. The organization presently has a proud collaboration with many companies and is also working on the development of various applications jointly. Salesforce launched a platform last year in order to entice major enterprises in the development of applications for the wearable devices.


Daniel Debow, SVP of emerging technologies, salesforce.com said:

“The explosive growth of Salesforce Wear has validated the need for a unified platform to bring together software companies, wearable device manufacturers and developers wanting to create apps that will enable companies to connect with customers in entirely new ways.”

Salesforce has released a list of compatible devices and list includes gadgets like Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Jawbone Up, Epson Moverio, etc.. According to the senior Vice President, Daniel Debow, Salesforce Wear has had a huge response already and the growth is expected to continue to greater heights. According to his statement, many developers are eager to use the Salesforce Wear to develop applications which will allow the companies to interact with the customers directly. In addition, Salesforce wear is also compatible with Google and Samsung devices, making the public reach much greater.

Brent Blum, lead of wearable technology practice, Accenture said in a statement:

“Accenture believes that wearable technologies have exciting use cases not only for consumers, in areas such as fitness and health monitoring and wearable fashion, but also powerful applications within the enterprise, enabling maintenance workers to quickly identify parts in the field, or allowing surgeons to connect with experts to get guidance on complicated procedures.”

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