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Mark Zuckerberg to spend a fortune to develop the internet (for WhatsApp?)

Mark Zuckerberg thinks that WhatsApp has all the qualities and the capabilities to take over the world of text messaging. According to the statement by the chief of Facebook Inc., he will not hesitate to spend a fortune to spread the access of Internet all across the globe. The Internet is something that can certainly create wonders to the speed of development in most of the developing and under developed nations. Mark Zuckerberg has also stated that he himself and the organization feel a sense of duty towards bringing Internet to a more diverse section of the world.Mark Zukerberg ready to spend a fortune to develop the internet

Facebook is already on the top of the ladder as it connects to more than half of the people in the world who use the Internet. According to the statistics, approximately 1.3 billion users are enlisted under Facebook. The organization has plans to develop more. Facebook had shown early signs of expansion with the acquisition of WhatsApp. WhatsApp had already created a buzz among the internet world owing to the users that it had and the growth.


According to Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp will play a major role in expanding the reach of the Internet across the world. The experts believe that mobile phones constitute a major section of the Internet population. Presently, WhatsApp has around 600 million users and Zuckerberg plans to take it to 3 billion, or at least a billion soon.

Facebook’s chief also initiated a venture named ‘Internet.org’ last year which is aimed at connecting the various mobile devices across the underdeveloped regions of the world. ‘Internet.org’ is basically aimed to provide free internet service like Facebook, google search, etc. to the people. The organization thinks that the internet will help in the development of the local economies.

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