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4Chan adopts copyright policy after leaked nude celebrity pictures issue

4Chan, the popular anonymous message sharing site has adopted a copyright policy after nude celebrity pictures were leaked on the site, especially those of the popular Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence.dmca-certificate

The image owners can now take down pictures through the Digital Millennium Copyright Policy (DMCA) after receiving a “bona fide infringement” notice. The new policy outlines that the website will not be held liable if the content is not removed after the notice. Though 4Chan does not review each one of the discussions due to the fast expiry of posts, the site has taken steps to remove content relating to child sexual abuse.


“We ask that users refrain from re-posting material that they believe to have been deleted by staff,” as mentioned in 4Chan FAQ.

The leaking of nude celebrity pictures on 4Chan caused the company to add more policies and DMCA compliance. The DMCA takedown requests will be monitored by a newly appointed staff. 4Chan will notify the ‘content provider, user or member’ that the content has been removed. However, it remains as to how the 4Chan will notify anonymous users who post illegal content while action against registered users is easier.

4Chan might ban the user access to the site by identifying the IP address if content is repeatedly posted on the site. Even if a user’s access is ‘terminated,’ a majority of users knows to bypass a blocked IP addresses. The site which emerged as a platform for free speech and posting almost  any content has slowly started to monitor content and remove it immediately.

The hacker first posted the images on “image-based online bulletin board 4chan”. Apple as well as the FBI was constantly concentrating on the beach and focusing on finding the hacker and also where the breach has been occurred. Two years back, Christopher Chaney hacked 50 email accounts of famous people in the entertainment history and he has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.


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