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LG introducing Cinimatic IPS 21:9 UltraWide PC in IFA 2013

LG introduced cinematic IPS 21:9 ultra wide All-in-one PC in the IFA 2013 with better features and utilities. One of the important values of that Microsoft constantly seeks is productivity. An optimizing environment for multitasking is now directly connected to productivity. This is the 29 inch wide screen with 21:9 aspect ratios, and it also gives you productivity features- to easily display two images or webpage side by side. And it also include stereo speaker, mobile high definition link which is used to connect Smartphone or tablet cable for playing media files.

LG 21:9 IPS all-in-one pc

It has built-in dual link-up features to connect two separate devices with monitor, so you can actually display in either device. 4-screen split feature allows you split screen in to different part, so you can perform 4 different tasks at a time. The 29-inch display with the 2560×1080 pixel high resolution and 21:9 aspect ratios provides you efficient environment, while using program such as excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Especially while using Excel-you can see all the content in one glance, so there is no need to use scroll button. It is one of the smartest monitor for Microsoft office and accept many input like computer, Smartphone or any other device you are using.

29-inches ultraWide monitor has in-built 3 USB ports, DC input for power, audio input, HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. Some other hardware included such as Nvidia GeForce GT 640M graphics for better vision, touch screen, TV tuner etc. According to LG’s brand, this UltraWide All-in-one PC is much better than dual monitor and efficient for multitasking.

UltraWide PC will be showed-up in upcoming IFA trade 2013. Overall style and design is cool with the narrow bazel and dynamic stand. Releasing date and price (maybe around 800 Euros) of this UltraWide is yet to announce.

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