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Garmin’s fitness tracker ‘Vivosmart’ launched and priced at $169

The 2014 IFA tech conference saw the official launch of Garmin’s fitness wristband tracker. The Vivosmart is to a certain degree similar to a smartwatch providing some of its features. The main activity of the wristband involves around tracking down the fitness issues. The wristband comes with a very sleek which also adds an amount of style statement to it. Garmin has put a price tag of $169 on the fitness wrist band tracker.Garmin’s fitness tracker, Vivosmart launched and priced at $169

The Vivosmart fitness tracker is typically the simple tracking device that you need in case you are worried about your fitness. It monitors your daily physical activities including the number of steps taken, the amount of calories burned, etc.. Just like other fitness trackers it will also keep telling you time to time to push on with the it. Apart from these general features, the fitness tracker will also show you time and can be paired with your smartphone. It synchronizes the notifications and alerts and pushes them directly into the device.


One of the prime attractions about the device is the looks. Vivosmart comes with a small and curved 1.84 inch amoled display, which wakes up when tapped on it. The device will show you the time and the notifications as and when they arrive on your smartphone. You can shift from one page to another on it with a simple swipe of the screen. Although the device promises battery life of innumerable days, the logical thought would be that it will run for a minimum of seven days at ease.

Although the concept of smartwatches and fitness trackers in not a new one, the experts believe that the device is here to stay. With a price tag of $169, Garmin’s Vivosmart is probably worth giving a try. The device will be on sale on Best Buy Store from mid-september.

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