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Microsoft Launches Lumia Screen Sharing and Wireless Charging Accessories

Microsoft has launched a wide range of wireless accessories at IFA in Berlin, the wireless accessories include wireless display adapter, wireless charging shells and wireless charging plates. Targeting new Lumia smartphone users, Microsoft has unveiled a new range of wireless accessories for Windows Lumia smartphones.nokia-lumia-accessories

Microsoft Screen Sharing accessory for HD-10 Lumia Smartphones i.e., Wireless display adapter was launched with the price tag of 79$. The wireless display adapter will be available by the end of September and has two variants, namely black and white. Through HDMI cable, this Lumia screen sharing device allows you to connect your smartphone to large screen television. The device comes with NFC, that lets you to connect your mobile with the Microsoft Screen Sharing device.


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At the same time, Second generation Wireless Charging Plate DT-601 and DT-903 are launched by Microsoft and comes with the price tag of 39$ and 59$ respectively. DT-903 comes in White and Bright range colors; DT-601 has a variety of colors such as Cyan, Red, White, Orange and Black. Till now, DT-601 is considered as world “smallest wireless charger to date”.

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Microsoft has also unveiled ‘Wireless Charging Shell’, especially for Lumia 735, the device allows the Lumia 735 to charge wirelessly. Wireless Charging shell has Dark Gray, Bright Green color options and priced at 14.90 Euro. Microsoft also launched Wireless Charging Shell for Lumia 830 for 24.90 Euro.

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