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Sprint brings in unlimited calls, texts and data at $35 to Boost Mobile

Sprint is to a certain extent unable to hold on the users as a result of the stiff competition from wireless network service providers like T-Mobile and AT&T. The battle of price reduction has helped companies like T-Mobile and AT&T to a certain extent to gather a bit more user base. On the other hand, Sprint has had a lot of difficulties in holding on to its base itself. In order to stay in the hunt, Sprint has decided to bring in some price reductions in Boost Mobile’s prepaid plans and escalation in the amount of data provided.Sprint brings in unlimited calls, texts and data at $35; competition with T-Mobile stiffens

Sprint is offering both new and existing Boost Mobile customers with a prepaid plan which will allow them to make unlimited calls, text messaging and 1 GB of data for a meager $35 per month. This promotional offer from Sprint has just defeated T-Mobile’s 1GB data plan at $40 and AT&T’s 500 MB data plan. Apart from this, Sprint has also introduced two other offers in order to build on to the customer base. This is the 7th year of the streak when Sprint has lost a section of its users to other network carriers.


On one hand, Sprint has reduced the price of the monthly subscriber pack considerably and at the same time, the company has also increased the amount of data on shared plans. It is quite obvious that Sprint is presently taking on T-Mobile with the aim of improving its own record and going past T-Mobile.

One thing is for sure that this growing competition between the major wireless service providers is in turn doing wonders to the requirements of the users. No mater which wireless network you are a part of, you can expect offers coming your way at minimal prices.


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