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Vibrating Smart Ring Brings Notifications Center to Your Finger

Not only the tech market is filled with smartphones and smartwatches, but also it also started to fill with other ‘smart’ gadgets like smart shirts, smart coats, smart wigs and smart rings. Smart rings are starting to heat up in the global market, and they are quite attractive in designs.Mota SmartRing

Technology has reduced the size of the tech gadgets, which results in MOTA SmartRing. Smart watches have made a greater attraction over the minds of gadget lovers and at the meanwhile, MOTA SmartRing are designed to occupy the very least amount of space in the user’s body.


Following up the smart bracelet, MOTA has announced MOTA SmartRing, specially designed to take very little amount of space on the user’s body. MOTA SmartRing has been officially announced at IFA consumer-electronics show in Berlin; the device has been made to provide notifications in your finger itself.

The device comes with two color versions, namely “midnight black” and “pearl white”, and the device can be optimized for both iOS and Android OS. MOTA SmartRing also deliver notifications from Facebook and Twitter and it has silent vibration mode too. Users can set various smartphone patterns for each and every contact in their address book. Presently, MOTA has unveiled high-resolution rendering, smart rings, but video sources from MOTA suggests that the company will transfer the technology of Smart Watches into MOTA SmartRing.

Till now, no price has been announced by MOTA, the company may ship the device at the end of this year. MOTA has made an entry in manufacturing smart rings, surely this will create a trend in producing smaller and compact devices in future.

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