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A YouTube video takes the Apple fans to ‘spaceship’ campus

Apple is such an iconic organization that nothing about the organization goes without being upheld by the curious fans. When the company is itself more worried and interested in the perfect launch and marketing of the next iPhone, jmcminn, a YouTube member is more curious about the spaceship campus of Apple. This YouTube personality has shot a video using a drone wherein we will get the first look of Apple’s new campus. Although the company is not ready to unveil its campus officially, jmcminn has decided that he will not let other Apple fans down and has shot the first look of the building himself.YouTuber jmcminn takes the Apple fans to spaceship

Jmcminn has used a GoPro Hero 3+ for capturing the video shot of the construction site on a Phantom 2 drone. Till date what existed were only still pictures of the construction site. They did give us the idea that Apple was up to something big, but this video has allowed us to realize the original size of the building.


I must say by the shots in the video that although Spaceship is not exactly a look-alike of a real spaceship, but the size certainly portrays the magnitude of it. Jmcminn has shot the video during the weekend which has allowed him to take a clear shot of the place. The video not only shows us the circular structure of the building itself, but will also allow you to relate to the huge size of it compared to the other nearby buildings.

With Google making its first field test for Project Wing and Amazon’s project of drones returning to the spotlight, jmcminn has again brought in the issue of drones into perspective. Although presently, the viewers are more interested in the building, but it will not be long before someone or the other raises questions about drones and security. But one thing is certain that jmcminn has given the internet media another topic to speculate about.


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