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Millions of historic pictures flooded to Flickr by Internet Archive

The Internet is undoubtedly one of the modes which has made the world a global village. Thus, now we possess a past, a present and a future in a unified state. To add to all these glories. Kalev Leetaru has begun his journey to enrich our past with approximately 14 million historic pictures from the past. Kalev Leetaru is a scholar of communications technology. He has taken on the effort to improve the quality of various images from the past and make them available on the Internet. Kalev will be working for Internet Archive during this time.Millions of historic pictures to flood Flickr soon

According to the reports, out of the 14 million images, approximately 2.6 million images are already on the internet. The users can easily search the images and download them from the Internet Archive’s Flickr account. Internet Archive has been doing a similar sort of thing by converting physical books into soft copies by scanning. They have been using the Optical Character Recognition Technique (OCR) which made the scanned text from the book searchable as text or string. But sadly, the technique is no good for images.


This is where Kalev Leetaru has induced his brilliance. Leetaru has developed a software which uses the ground rules of the OCR technique and scans the images in JPEG format. The OCR technique originally skipped the images and copied just the text. The Leetaru’s version will not only scan and upload the image but also the caption such that the users can know about the image.

According to Leetaru, the potential that such libraries possess is huge as they not only act as a source of information about the past, but can also be utilized for various information in the future as well. Presently, the software will be working on the images in printed material between the years 1500 to early 1900’s.

Source ] Flickr Archive ]

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