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Microsoft refuses to hand over foreign emails to the United States

Microsoft has refused to provide emails to US government from the Dublin data center after a New York District Court Judge’s order on Friday.microsoft

Judge Loretta Preska ruled that the government can continue with the retrieval of emails in foreign data centers. Earlier Preska stayed her decision in July 31 ruling that allowed Microsoft to appeal. Microsoft has refused to follow the court’s order and cannot appeal while the Judge is likely to place the company in contempt that will allow the company to argue the case.


A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement:

“We will appeal promptly and continue to advocate that people’s emails deserve strong privacy protection in the US and around the world.”

The case is argued on whether emails stored in foreign data centers come under jurisdiction, though the judge mentioned that the company must hand over the emails as it was a US company. As Preska ruled that Microsoft has to hand over the emails, the company has argued that there are several international treaties regarding sharing of information and will be unable to do so.

The Court issued an order to Microsoft, which gave the US access to mails in the Dublin data center and had appealed twice which had failed. A spokesperson stated that the company will not be turning up the emails and is planning to appeal. The company is also concerned about governments in other markets, it would involve breaking laws and privacy concerns among users. Several companies like AT&T, Verizon, Cisco and Apple have come in support of Microsoft that these types of ruling affect the trust of consumers.

Microsoft Corporation, along with other four large companies of the United States were thinking of exploiting the Manhattan court case, to establish a boundary line in the cloud, stating that US government has no legal authorities to snoop into the user data stored outside the zone of the country.

US Companies which are in the line of hosting services over the Internet and selling their remote data storage, under the broader concept of “cloud computing” can lose billions of dollars in business if their emails and other valuable files come to the US snooping. (Read our June’s report)


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