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Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app for iPhone won’t be on Android soon

Facebook owned Instagram has launched Hyperlapse, a new user-friendly iPhone-only app that helps users to make time-lapse movies, which actually shows frames at intervals after recording a video to make you feel as the time elapsed movies. As the majority of smartphone users using Android devices, Instagram is interested in launching the app for Android as well. But, it’s in Google’s hands to get these kind of apps. Read more to know why.hyperlapse-screenshot

Instagram’s Hyperlapse app creates time-lapse videos without any shakiness – thanks to the built-in stabilization technology that will help the users to create a handheld, moving time-lapse videos with quality output without the need of any expensive gadgets and tripods.


While launching the app, Instagram released a promo video, which shows how can any average person can use the application to document the daily activities happening around him/her. But, the use of the application will not stop here; those who are interested in learning the behavior of animals and plants can easily create a time-lapse video to learn more about their favorite flora and fauna.

Wildlife films will be revolutionized by this application as anyone could film the wildlife time-lapse movies. Filming such movies could take more time and hassle with professional, expensive equipments by the expert filmmaker. Hyperlapse not only pick frames and show as a time-lapse video, but also corrects the shakiness of the video.

Why not available for Android yet?

Speaking to Wired, Instagram stated that they are working on launching the Hyperlapse for Android soon. But, the proper API’s are not available for Android developers yet. These API’s are related to the camera and the gyroscope frameworks inside the platform. If Google won’t make it available for developers, then Hyperlapse won’t be launching on Android, as it’s the core area that used by the application.

Even if Google manages to provide required API support on the platform, it will take time to get the update on all smartphones in the market now, as it requires the changes inside the OS, not from the app-side. Every smartphones need to get the related software update to get the new feature. So, it would take a time Hyperlapse app to reach Android users.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone has only about 12-percent of market share and the application’s reach are limited to these users only. Once the app made available to Android users, the user-base will probably grow. I have used the word ‘probably’  just because Android users are not the targeted audience for such applications. I hope you understand!

This incredible app has some setbacks too. It can only allow you to save, either original video or time lapsed video – not the both versions. As the time-lapse filming takes more time to capture the video, battery draining issue will be there (don’t forget about the memory requirements). Meanwhile, Apple iPhone 5 can capture videos for only 45 minutes, while the iPhone can capture videos for only 10 minutes.

The current relief is, the app can be used on Apple iPad too. Download the Hyperlapse app from App Store. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.


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