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Nokia HERE maps to be available for Samsung Galaxy devices

Nokia and Samsung have signed a cross-licensing agreement to bring the Nokia HERE maps app to Samsung smartphones and smartwatches.nokia-here-screenshot-samsung-galaxy-android

Launched in 2007, Nokia HERE maps service originates from Nokia OVI and after the acquisition of Navteq. The service provides HERE data to Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, Amazon Maps and Garmin GPS devices. The service is not owned my Microsoft as the company has acquired only Nokia’s ‘Devices and Services’ division. Samsung’s move suggests that it won’t allow itself to be dominated by Google, which increasingly has a presence among the company’s devices.


Nokia stated in its blog:

” Today we’re happy to introduce HERE (Beta) for Android. Thanks to a licensing agreement with Samsung, it will be available for free, exclusively for the Galaxy smartphones like Galaxy S5.”

The HERE maps app will also be available for Tizen OS based smartwatches including the latest Samsung Galaxy Gear S. Though Samsung has an Android based smartwatch Gear Live though the best design sand features are reserved for Samsung’s own range of smartwatches based on Tizen OS.

Samsung has been dependent on the popular Google Maps which is the largest division of Google and comprises 7,100 employees. Nokia HERE maps app will charge users for map data and will also generate revenue from Samsung as due to the exclusivity of the app. Amazon and Samsung also pays the company for availing HERE data.

Samsung has developed its own Tizen OS, added several apps in order to distance itself from Google Play Store as the company generates most of the revenue. Google on the other hand restricts OEM’s from copying Android form factors and builds a locked-in hardware in the Android Wear ecosystem that are used in smartwatches.


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